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In his works, it’s clear that Mc Kenna was a student of many things besides botany and entheogens.

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then im just gonna leave it here, i am a concerned employee at the bellevue location. He started screaming at us threw the drive thru window . I was the second person in line and still waited for over 10 minutes for the female employee to take my order. I was charged $.50 for cheese on the whoppers, the fries were like rubber (small)were .99 and I waited for my order with a small soda for 20 minutes. BOTH burgers were stone cold and one sandwich had a label from a package of tomatoes and a piece of cellophane inside it. I know this can not be the standard for customer service with BK, I am very disappointed, and still very frustrated. After receiving the picture however the manager unwittingly included us in her group text stating ” she did comment to me saying it was mostly blacks working so maybe it was a race thing but there were more white in here then black last night”.

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She another talk show The Gayle King Show was also cancelled after one season due to low ratings in 1997.

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The former Los Angeles Laker later admitted carrying on multiple affairs over the course of their relationship, and the two finalized their divorce in 2016.