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' I very quickly remembered that Mexican food and my stomach do not mix well, but my crush was so cute I figured it would be fine. He grabbed my hand and said, 'I've grown up with four brothers.' It's been two years and we're still together!

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Perhaps a solution is to display validity/completeness (green) in real time, while delaying the display of erroneous validation until blur? Don't validate while typing, for exactly the reason you describe.

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If you’re an Artisan, you’ll also appreciate someone who respects the time you devote to taking care of yourself, following your dreams and adventuring your way through life.

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Spread over an area of about sqkm and still growing, it is the biggest industrial, commercial centre, and a major cultural, economic and educational centre in South India.

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Alternatively, our second-floor mezzanine, overlooking the downstairs dining room and open kitchen, holds up to 18 people for a semi-private affair.